Welcome to the Clackamas County Active Transportation Plan project website!

The Draft Active Transportation Plan may be downloaded here. 

The complete appendix to the Draft ATP may be found here. Each individual Principal Active Transportation route may be found below: 

Route 1c -  Hwy. 170-Kraxberger Road-Dryland Road-Toliver

Route 2a - Clackamas River Drive

Route 4c/4e - Tickle Creek Trail - Cazadero Trail

Route 5a - I-205 Multi-Use Path

Route 7b - Monroe Street

Route 7d - Linwood Avenue

Route 10c - Central Point Road-New Era-Haines - Territorial Hwy

Route 11a/11b Newell Creek Trail - Beavercreek - Linn Avenue - Leland Road

The purpose of the Clackamas County Active Transportation Plan (ATP) is to identify and prioritize the primary network of active transportation corridors or routes that connect the communities in Clackamas County, both rural and urban.


Active Transportation (AT) refers to human forms of transportation, in particular walking and bicycling. The ATP will identify an integrated network of walkways and bikeways (both on-road and off-road) that connect Clackamas County neighborhoods and communities to employment, recreational and tourist destinations. The plan will prioritize a set of connected “active transportation corridors” that, when fully implemented, will increase active transportation opportunities and make it safer and more convenient for people to walk, bike and use transit in Clackamas County.


Active Transportation Goals

The following four goals will guide development of the Clackamas County Active Transportation Plan:

·        Active Transportation Infrastructure: Plan a comprehensive active transportation network consisting of multi-use paths, bikeways and walkways in Clackamas County to encourage more residents to bicycle or walk for recreation and transportation.  

·        Connectivity: Develop routes that provide connection to parks, town centers, businesses and other significant destinations in Clackamas County. 

·        Tourism Development: Create an active transportation system that will be a draw for tourists and an opportunity to promote Clackamas County as one of the premier cycling destinations in Oregon. 

·        Accessibility and Safety: Build an active transportation network that is accessible and safe for all ages, abilities and incomes. 


Why does Clackamas County need an Active Transportation Plan?

One reason is the growing popularity of cycling for recreation as well as commuting in Clackamas County and the subsequent need to coordinate the previous plans and projects to ensure development of a cohesive active transportation system throughout the County. Development of an active transportation strategy and the prioritization of active transportation corridors helps position the County for future grant opportunities and funding for infrastructure improvements. The Active Transportation Plan is an important step to increase walking, biking and equestrian opportunities throughout Clackamas County and position the County as a cycling tourist destination.


What is the project schedule and how can I get involved?

The project kicked off in July 2013 and is scheduled to continue through April 2014.  The project team will be working with a Public Advisory Committee (PAC) which includes the Clackamas County Ped/Bike Advisory Committee (PBAC). Meetings with the PAC are anticipated to occur during the regular PBAC meetings in October, November, and January. After April 2014, adoption of the plan will also include public hearings with the Planning Commission and the Board of Commissionsers.


Who can I contact? 

Please contact Scott Hoelscher at 503.742.4524 or ScottHoe@co.clackamas.or.us with questions about the project. test