Announcements << Speaker registration fees go up after November 30

Tom Creaseyby Tom Creasey at 11/8/2016 5:22 AM PST
From Rich Cunard:

Hi All,

Up until last year, speakers at the Annual Meeting paid a discounted registration fee and that fee remained the same before and after November 30 (rather than increase as all the other registration fees did on November 30th).

This is no longer the case. After November 30, the speaker registration fee (for those speakers that do not qualify for other discounts) will increase by $300 at the same time the other registration fees also increase.

Presiding officers and speakers will be reminded of this in an email. However, there is always the possibility that they don’t read all the official TRB emails or just assume that everything is the same as it has always been.

So please help get the word out to avoid unpleasantries by making sure your session organizers and presiding officers are aware of this change. They really need to be certain about their speakers and get them to register before November 30th to avoid risking a barrage of complaints and the possibility that a speaker will decide not to come because of the increase.

While we are aware that sometimes a situation may require a change of speakers after November 30, but please be aware that the new speaker will be required to pay the registration fee that is applicable at the time they register and we will not be able to reduce the speaker fee.




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