Announcements << FHWA V2I Guidance

Janice Danielby Janice Daniel at 1/20/2017 11:48 AM PST
From Patrick Zelinski (AASHTO)

The Federal Highway Administration has released a long-awaited guidance document on vehicle-to-infrastructure, or V2I, technology. This guidance complements the NHTSA V2V NPRM (see below). You can view the guidance here:

I think this guidance, which directly affects infrastructure, will have more of a direct impact on state DOTs and planners than the NHTSA V2V NPRM. More information on next steps to come. Please remember that SCOP has Connected/Automated Vehicle (CAV) Task Force looking at the intersection on CAV/Planning/Policy. If you want to be a member (or someone on your staff), please contact Matthew H. Hardy, Ph.D. at


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