Announcements << Review of Final Edits for Chapters 17 and 37

Tom Creaseyby Tom Creasey at 2/8/2019 5:10 AM PST
Final edits and comments to revisions for Chapter 17 (Urban Street Reliability and ATDM) and Chapter 37 (ADTM: Supplemental) have been posted to the review site - Please review and verify that all comments have been addressed. Comments are due by March 7.

Additionally we will have minor revisions to Chapters 5 (Quality and Level of Service Concepts) and 9 (Glossary) to accommodate the new Two-Lane Highways chapter that was approved at the January TRB meeting. These will be posted to the review site soon.

We then will hold an electronic vote to approve these changes to the HCM. This will occur in mid-March, before our rotation in April. Please be monitoring your e-mail.


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