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  • Matt Kittelson
  • 9/2/2012 6:52 PM PST


Committee and subcommittee meetings are open to all interested in contributing to the advancement of the committee’s activities. People in the audience are encouraged to contribute to the discussions. Information on schedules, agenda, and locations for upcoming meetings can be found at the committee’s website:


  1. The first step to participating in Committee activities is to register at the committee’s website as a “friend of the committee”. This way you will receive electronic notices of upcoming committee activities. Become a friend of the committee by CLICKING HERE.
  2. The second step is to become an active member of one or more of the Committee’s subcommittees. Much of the real work on the Highway Capacity Committee occurs at the Subcommittee level. Subcommittee membership is determined by the subcommittee chair, so the best way to become a member of a subcommittee is to show up at subcommittee meetings and to volunteer to help the subcommittee chair carry out one or more tasks for the subcommittee. There are no formal limits on the number of subcommittee members or the length of service on the subcommittee.

Committee membership is limited by TRB to 30 members that are appointed by TRB to 3-year terms on recommendation of the committee chair. Every 3 years, according to TRB policy, one-third of the membership is rotated off of the committee.


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