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  • Matt Kittelson
  • 9/2/2012 6:55 PM PST


The bulk of the work of the Committee is conducted by our many subcommittees and task forces. Over 250 people from around the world participate in subcommittee activities. The subcommittees and task forces are organized into four general groups as shown below.


Group 1 – Administration

Tom Creasey is the group chair.

Conferences: Mohammad Hadi

Paper Review: Zong Tian

Website: Tom Creasey  

Group 2 – Uninterrupted Flow

Loren Bloomberg is the group chair.

Freeways / Multilane Highways: Mike Dixon

Two-Lane Highways: Manuel Romana

Advanced Traffic and Demand Management Task Force: Kevin Hanley


Group 3 – Interrupted Flow

Bob Bryson is the group chair.

Interchange Ramp Terminals: Christopher Kinzel

Urban Streets: Janice Daniel

Signalized Intersections: Darcy Bullock

Unsignalized Intersections: Peter Terry


Group 4 – Cross Cutting Issues

Paul Ryus is the group chair.

Pedestrians/Bicycles: Peyton McLeod

Planning and Preliminary Engineering: Brian Dunn

Performance Measures: Rich Margiotta

User Liaison: Scott Washburn

Research: Yinhai Wang

Traffic Simulation and Applications: Alex Scabardonis



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