The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and its partner agencies are working diligently in successfully advancing the SunRail Commuter Line to serve the Central Florida Region. The project is a significant local, state, and federal investment which can ultimately be successful only if riders can access the SunRail stations through multiple modes of travel (walking, cycling, bus transit, and driving). The FDOT recognizes there is a need to look more closely at immediate and short term infrastructure requirements to seamlessly connect pedestrians and cyclists to the stations. Some of these needs are already being identified and planned for as part of the FDOT’s SunRail station development work, as well as by each municipality’s individual planning initiatives.


For SunRail Phase 1 stations, FDOT completed a series of assessments to help coordinate individual efforts related to bike/ped connectivity, as well as to identify any additional infrastructure projects critical to enhancing multi-modal connectivity around the SunRail stations. Although longer term projects were identified as part of this effort, the focus of this study was to quickly identify immediate and near-term improvements that can be advanced through both the FDOT work program as well as individual municipalities’ work programs.


For SunRail Phase 2 South stations, FDOT also conducted multimodal mobility assessments which included a review of how transit-oriented development can support SunRail’s success as well as benefit local economic development.