This site has been prepared for easy sharing of information related to the Transit Master Plan research being conducted by the Florida Department of Transportation District 4.

Work Effort Purpose

The purpose of this work is three-fold:

1.     To establish a strong understanding of effective/successful methods for developing a regional transit master plan,

2.     To gain a comprehensive understanding of: what relevant studies/plans have already been prepared in the region, what relevant studies/plans is the region planning to prepare, and how do all the existing and future work fit together, and

3.      To provide a starting point for the District and other Regional partners to develop a scope of services for the Regional Transit Master Plan (RTMP) anticipated for the fall of 2011.

Work Effort Tasks

Task 1: Case Studies

Task 2: Background Plan Analysis and Vision Map

Task 3: Modeling Parameters

Task 4: Teleconference Meetings and Coordination