This website serves as a distribution point for material developed as part of the 125th Street/6th Avenue/Dixie Highway Alternatives planning study conducting by KAI for FDOT District 6 and the City of North Miami.

File Directory

The following serves as a guide to files shared in the Project Files. Please contact Jessica Josselyn (954-828-1730) or Scott Beaird (541-312-8300) with questions. 

Data Collection

Crash Data – 2005-2009 crash data obtained from FDOT

GIS Files


SERPM Model – Model run used, in part, to develop growth rates.

Signal Timing Signal timing information from Miami-Dade County. Used to develop existing conditions model and basis for future year models.

Traffic Counts

2010 Counts – New counts collected for this study and used to develop forecast model volumes.

Historical Counts – Variety of historical counts used, in part, to develop growth rates.

            Transit Info – See GIS folder for more information on routes.



Memos (Each folder contains appendices as separate files, if needed. However, each TM is a fully compiled file with appendices included.)

                        TM1 – Summary of Previous Studies

                        TM2 – Study Assumptions

                        TM3 – Existing Conditions and Future No-Build Conditions

                        TM4 – Solution Concepts Considered

  TM5 – Selection of Preferred Concept (cost estimate worksheets included in this folder)


                        Concept Workshop (4/29/10)

                        Preferred Alternative Presentation (8/27/10)

Intersection concept sketches.pdf  - Intersection improvement concepts considered but not advanced

Alternatives Selection Matrix.xls – Screening matrix used to select preferred concept



           Aerials - Aerials are available as TIFF Images if needed.

Selected Alts –CAD files for Near-term Preferred Alternative (Concept X) and Long-term Promising Alternative (Concept Y)


Operational Analysis

           SIDRA – Roundabout concept analysis

Synchro – Analysis files for existing and no-build conditions and evaluated and selected concepts. For concepts screened out, analysis files are included only for select analysis years used in determining concept viability.


Previous Studies_Plans – Collection of previous studies and plans used to prepare TM1


Safety Analysis – Summary of crash data analysis