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KCF Auction Information


WHEN is the auction? The auction is completed for 2010. Send us a note if you'd like to be informed when the next auction begins.

WHERE are the auction items? Click on the tab at the top that says “Auction Items.”  This will take you to the items that you can scroll through. Keep checking back because new items will be added from time to time.


HOW do I bid?

1.                  Get your personal bidding number by clicking here: GET BID NUMBER


2.                 Click on “Auction Items” to see what's available. Keep checking back because new things will be added from time to time.


3.                 When you're ready to bid, use the “Add New Comment” button that is shown inside each auction item (below the Comments that have already been posted) and enter the amount you want to bid along with your bidding number in parentheses. For example, if you want to bid $20 and  your bidding number is 1234, then you would enter the following comment: $20 (1234)


4.                 That’s it! Be sure to include your bidding number or the bid won’t count. Every bid will have a date and time stamp so you’ll be able to keep track of the bidding. You can bid again by repeating Step 3.


5.                 Auctions on individual items will close at different times so there will always be something going on. The close date for each auction item is identified in its description. If you want to view or download an ordered listing of all the close dates, click on "Closing Times”.


6.                 To keep things even more interesting, the closing time will be extended as long as the timestamp of the most recent bid is within 5 minutes of either the auction closing time or the previous bid (whichever is later). Remember that you’ll need to refresh your web page in order to see other bids that might be posted during this time!


7.                  We will contact the winner after the auction has closed. Shipping costs will be added to the bidding price for items that need to be mailed, and this will be worked out with the winning bidder at that time.


Can I contribute an item to the auction? Sure! Contact Nick Badal at NBadal@kittelson.com (503-535-7457) and we’ll go from there.


Can I make a contribution to the Foundation directly? You can contribute directly to the Foundation, outside of the auction, by going to our Foundation's website (click here to go to the website). 100% of all proceeds and contributions go directly to the financial sponsorship of Rwandan children who would not be able to attend school without our support.


Have fun!