Kittelson & Associates, Inc. has developed this website for the Lummi Indian Business Council to review road safety audits we have  completed within the last 5 years. The "Project Samples" page provides access to PDF files of the reports listed below:


Key Elements

US30 from Millard Road to Berg Road RSA

·        This 2-mile multilane section is part of a 5-mile safety corridor designated along US30 between Scappoose and St. Helens

·        Identified a range of safety improvements (low-cost to high cost)

·        Facilitate safety working group meetings

US30 Millard to Berg_RSA Report and Appendix.PDF

US30 at Goble and Clatskanie

·        Rural 2-lane corridor with typical rural intersections

·        Grouped countermeasures as systematic or site-specific

·        Had many winter weather-related crashes and countermeasures included innovative treatments like dynamic temperature-dependent weather signs

US30 Goble Clatskanie_RSA Report Only.PDF

US30 Goble Clatskanie_RSA Appendix Only.PDF

US97 at Cherry Lane

·        Rural intersection

·        Angle crashes resulting in fatalities and/or injury

·        Improvements already implemented

US97 at Cherry_RSA Report Only.PDF

US97 at Cherry_RSA Appendix Only.PDF

OR238 at West Main Street

·        Rural intersection

·        Angle and turning crashes resulting in fatalities and/or injury

·        Improvements already implemented

OR238 at West Main_RSA Report and Appendix.PDF

OR138 Corridor Solutions RSA

·        Downtown Roseburg where OR138 couplet intersects with the OR99 couplet

·        Study area included seven signalized intersections

·        Improvements already designed and construction under way

OR138 Corridor Roseburg_RSA Report Only.PDF

OR138 Corridor Roseburg_RSA Appendix Only.PDF

Lake of the Woods Highway (OR140) RSA

·        30-mile, two-lane two-way rural road over a mountain pass

·        Developed low-cost improvements to improve safety

·        Developed a prioritization list

OR140 Lake of the Woods_RSA Report Only.PDF

OR140 Lake of the Woods_RSA Appendix Only.PDF

Grants Pass Interchange, 6th Street at Morgan Lane

·        Unconventional intersection configuration

·        Part of an interchange

·        Take future interchange improvements into account

Grants Pass Interchange 6th at Morgan_RSA Report and Appendix.PDF

Powell Boulevard from 20th Avenue to 33rd Avenue

·        1-mile, 5-lane urban corridor

·        77 pedestrian involved of 249 reported rear-end crashes due to pedestrians stepping into the roadway

·        Design of improvements already under way

Powell 20th to 33rd_RSA Report and Appendix.PDF

OR47 from Pacific Avenue to “B” Street:

·        2-mile, two-lane facility is transition from rural to urban

·        There are five stop-controlled intersections and one signalized intersection

OR47 Pacific to B St_RSA Report Only.PDF

OR47 Pacific to B St_RSA Appendix Only.PDF

Barbur Boulevard RSA from SW Capitol Highway to SW Naito Parkway

·        4.5-mile, 5-lane urban corridor

·        High-volume high-speed commute route into downtown Portland, Oregon

·        919 reported crashes over a 10 year period, including 34-bicycle related and 12 pedestrians

Barbur Blvd Capitol to Naito_RSA Report Only.PDF

Barbur Blvd Capitol to Naito_RSA Appendix Only.PDF

Damascus SE 222nd Drive and SE 242nd Avenue Corridors RSAs

·        Two approximately 4-mile corridors have numerous rural intersections along the 2-lane facilities

·        Developed a series of low-cost improvements along the corridors and at the intersections.

Damascus 222nd and 242nd Corridors_RSA Report and Appendix.PDF

From this experience, our team knows and understands the procedures, documentation, and multidisciplinary collaboration required for a successful audit, and is prepared to lead the RSA for the Lummi Indian Business Council.

KAI has developed project websites, such as this one, that are interactive and allow the public to review information and to provide online feedback, but also have a private component where team members will have permission to transfer files. This would be a tool for the Lummi Nation to share current reports with KAI.