The purpose of the System Planning to Programming (SP2P) study is to analyze the existing Caltrans system planning to programming process to ensure an efficient and integrated process for reaching decisions and implementing transportation solutions.  The study will review the existing system planning process and investigate opportunities for improving the link between system planning and programming to better align with the new Caltrans mission, vision, and goals.  The study will also provide recommendations for improving communication, consultation, and exchange of data between stakeholders involved in the SP2P process.

Key internal and external stakeholders will be interviewed, including all Caltrans districts.  The final products of the study will be used as educational, guidance and outreach tools to communicate the system planning to programming process.  Deliverables include a final report summarizing recommendations to improve processes, an informational booklet, pamphlet, & Powerpoint presentation, and a web page template.




   Annette Clark




   Albert Yee