Welcome to the website for the Transportation System Simulation Manual Framework project. We will use this site to post presentation files, draft reports for review, and upcoming announcements.


The deliverable commenting website is now live! 

Login at http://tssm.kaiproject.com/ 


Below is a list of the latest State Guidelines compiled as part of the FHWA Pooled Fund Study:

CalTrans Guidelines for Applying Traffic Microsimulation Modeling Software
Florida DOT Traffic Analysis Handbook
Maryland DOT Modeling Initiative and VISSIM Modeling Guidance
Minnesota DOT CORSIM Requirements and Resources
Missouri DOT Microsimulation Modeling Guidelines
Not available online
Nevada DOT CORSIM Modeling Guidelines
North Carolina Congestion Management Resources (TransModeler)
Pennsylvania DOT Traffic Engineering Manual
Virginia DOT Traffic Ops and Safety Analysis Manual
WSDOT VISSIM Protocol and Confidence Report Template

Transportation Research Circullar E-C153 - Dynamic Traffic Assignment: A Primer

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